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Exceptional Location, Exceptional Service.

My family and I were fortunate to stay at Villa Azomalli for 7 days and it was a wonderful experience. The secure location along with the wonderful views both to the Pacific and inland made every moment a treat. The house staff was beyond accommodating and the food was incredible. They spoke English and assisted in coordinating all activities from the convenience of the house. The owner even called to ensure we were having a great time. With the personal attention we received and the wonderful accommodations we look forward to returning every year.

Recommended for: Sightseeing, families with young children, families with teenagers, tourists without a car, age 55+, romantic getaway, girls getaway, adventure seekers.

Joe from Houston, TX, 7/9/11  

We took our family to Villa Azomalli in May, 2009 for our 40th wedding anniversary. There were 11 of us including our 11 and 15 and 18 year old grandchildren. It was the most incredible family holiday we've ever experienced. Tony's staff were amazing. We had 3 sit down gourmet meals per day prepared by Cheli, our incredible chef. She purchased only fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and sea food and ensured each of us were totally satisfied. We spent hours in the beautiful pool and private beach. Cheli arranged our excursions and each one was incredible from quading to fishing. I can't say enough about the hospitality offered not only by Tony's amazing staff but all the people of Huatluco. It was so refreshing to see the pride they take in their community and the incredible respect they have for their natural environment including the animals and sea-life. We have recommended Villa Azomalli to all of our friends and we can't wait for an opportunity to return. Thank you Tony for making our 40th anniversary family vacation one that we'll cherish.

Terry & Lorna H. from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, 9/21/09

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Villa Azomalli was just perfect.  My family had a great time at your home in huatulco; there were eight of us, 3 teen-age girls (18-16-14) my two daughters, their husbands, and myself.

I do not know how to describe the fabulous time we had in your lovely home. We woke up every morning to the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, I had never seen the sunrise over the Pacific, and the sunset that evening also over the Pacific. What a sight.

Manuel, moved around like a shadow he would arrive around 5:00pm fold the laundry that was in the dryer, cut the hedges, and pick little peppers for cooking and after dinner he would help clean up and then disappear into his room. He would get up, clean the pool at 5:00am, and then squeeze fresh orange juice every morning for our breakfast.  Fresh coffee would be sitting on the side table in the dining area.  Manuel took great care of us. (He is very shy)

Mayra, such a pretty young girl, what would we have done without that little workhorse, she would arrive around 6:00am set the table for breakfast and then start cleaning the Villa, and you would think we were the dirtiest visitors in the world.  She would scrub all the floors with pine sol and bleach, we were all amazed that our bare feet were never dirty even though the living space is all outside and we were never in shoes. After breakfast, she would help clean-up the kitchen, and then back to cleaning the bedrooms (four of them) this involved changing the sheets and bedspreads every other day. While she did the laundry, she would  help with preparing lunch or dinner, she would leave around 3:00pm, there was a lot of energy in such a tiny package, I was very impressed with her work values, and she is a treasure.

Karina, always a smile on her beautiful face, home from college for the holidays, she helped her mother prepare the meals along with some help from Manuel, her boyfriend, (my granddaughters drooled over him)  She would arrive with her mother about an hour before breakfast, lunch or dinner, carrying all the ingredients for our meal of the day.  She served our meals, cleaned the table and made sure we had enough to eat.  Once we were rubbing our tummies from eating way to much, she would then wash dishes, and start prepping for our next meal.  Her sandwiches for the beach were the best I have had. She was a breath of fresh air with her great personality.

Then there is Araceli, with her outgoing personality and easy laugh.  She had the dubious job of feeding the brood, and feed us she did!!  Oh, what a spread she would put out from banana pancakes to shrimp scampi.  Her cervichi was the best I have had and I have had a lot, each evening she would go over the next day’s menu and work around our schedule, and we would work around hers.  Araceli work tirelessly, she would shop daily so that every food item was fresh if we had a special request she would see that it was done.  What ever we wanted to know she would be our Book of Knowledge.  She was our tour advisor knowing who to call for information about boat trips, horseback riding, taxis etc.  She made us all feel welcomed and she and the rest of the staff became friends.  We would sit at the dining table in the evening and fill each other in on our lives.

On New Years day, we shopped, prepared, served and cleaned up an American meal of hamburgers and potato salad for them and they seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

You are very lucky to have such a loyal and hard working staff that takes care of your visitors and home with love and care.

This was a vacation my family and me will remember for years to come. Everything was perfect from your home to the beach and the staff (I hate using the word staff sounds so impersonal).  Villa Azomalli was a home and not just a place to sleep and eat.

Tony thanks again for the use of your lovely home.

Glad I found you one the internet.

Gayle from San Clemente, California, 12/27/08 through 1/3/2009

The Villa Azomalli is without doubt my favorite place in Mexico.  I'm longing to go back, sit on the saltillo and bask in the quiet light of the villa's white washed walls and simple, elegant beauty, listening to the ocean and inhaling deeply. The place is magic!

Tony was one of the first Americans to build in Huatulco, so his villa is well situated and his relationship in the small community of Ex-Pat Europeans, Canadians, and Americans who have built vacation and retirement villas alongside vacation homes of Mexico's wealthy elite is well established. From his neighbors, to the caretakers and cooks (dare I say Araceli is a goddess?), local restaurateurs, and other service providers, I found friendly, competent, knowledgeable people willing to help us have a great time without emptying our wallets. Staying at the Azomalli is a great choice, the place so captivated me that I spend far more time than I should daydreaming about going back.

There are lots of rental villas in Huatulco.  I've stayed in several of them, looked at most all of them, and hopped around a few of the hotels a bit too. The Azomalli is wonderful in that the space itself is so peaceful, and light filled. It's serene. Grown-up.  That said, it's a great place to stay with kids because the house and the yard, which has a grassy area out back has more space than many of the other villas in Conejos Bay, and the elegant simplicity of the place makes for a great family vacation..  We had the kids with us for one day, and I hosted my wedding reception there one evening, it was wonderful! Additionally, six of us (three couples) stayed for a quieter week, stretching out and relaxing in the villa and feeling as if we had twice the space we needed.  The house is like that. For all its simplicity and openness, it's easy to find a place to meditate alone without having to lock yourself in your room. Likewise, you can entertain on a big scale because the layout was designed with this in mind.

The house itself is a perfect blend of modern and traditional Mexican architecture, making it a divine place to stay because the space and light are soothing and healing. For those of us that tire quickly of the brightly colored whimsy and spaces filled with knickknacks that is pervasive when traveling in Mexico, the Azomalli is a respite and a dream! The rooms are large, with great views. From the front there are views of the ocean and out back there are views of the hills.  Breakfast on the rear patio, in the morning sun is one of my fondest memories. Dinners around the table in the outdoor sala are among some of the best evenings I've spent anywhere.

Traeme una copa mi amor! Voy abrir una botella de vino tinto; Salud, y buen provecho!

Jacquie VW., 01/04/09

I wanted to let you know that our week at the villa recently was the best possible vacation we could have experienced in Mexico ! We are still in awe of the whole experience. Aricelli’s awesome food, hospitality, ability to ensure we were connected to the right people and events were amazing ! We will always have heartfelt memories of her and the entire staff. When we arrived we were a little amazed at the openness of the villa but after the first day we fell in love with living outdoors and would have it no other way ! Huatulco has become a very special place for our family as we reminisce about our deep sea fishing trip (and the huge sailfish we caught), the ATV jungle / river tour (wow) and the coffee plantation trip (a must). Every outing seemed tailor made to us because Aricelli knew who to call – who spoke some English – what we needed for the trip ! Perfect ! Even our short trips into town for shopping were made extra meaningful because of the specific cab drivers Aricelli lined up for us. We saw things most tourists would never even know to ask about ! It was amazing.

Just as nice was the private pool and the serenity of the Villa itself. We enjoyed lazy afternoons relaxing in the cool breeze and sunning near the pool. Exactly what we needed.

Mark from Texas, 09/03/08

It was everything I had hoped for and more. Jimmy and I had been in Huatulco for Christmas, 2006 for the first time and stayed at Las Brisas. We loved the area and decided we would come back. In April of 2007 Jimmy surprised me with a trip to St. Martin where he rented a house (the first time for renting a house) for my birthday. Upon our return to Chicago, he immediately started surfing the net for a house to rent in Huatulco and came upon this place.

It's everything all the reviews say and more. Aricelli is the most excellent cook and I will go back to the Villa Azomalli because of her. She is very sweet and accomodating and made our visit a memorable one. Nicolas,too, was so very polite and courteous. The staff makes this a dream vacation....of course, the house and its' location doesn't hurt either.

You'll never regret your decision to stay here as opposed to a hotel...there's NO comparison.

Jim and Eileen R., 04/26/08

It's been a month since we returned from Huatulco and and we're still in absolute awe of our wonderful vacation highlighted by the warm experience we had at Villa Azomalli This home is situated in an incredible neighborhood of beautiful houses where just "taking a morning stroll" is a feast for the senses. We thrilled to the sunrises and sunsets viewed from "our" patio and backyard, and were truly amazed by the daily entertainment provided by passing whales, porpoises and rays - WHAT A VIEW!!! Aricelli started each day for us with huge platters of fresh fruit complimented by Huervos Ranceros or belgian waffles and more - and the dinners were truly the best Mexican food I've ever had, including fabulous homemade Mole...we were really spoiled. Our favorite memory... sipping Aricelli's freshly-made Margaritas, while watching the manta rays splash in the Pacific Ocean, as we lounged in our own private pool...Paradise! We are so glad we found Villa Azomalli and can't wait to go back!

Barbara L., 2-23-08

My sister won a week stay at Villa Azomalli in a raffle last year. Being as sweet as she is and as pregnant as she was (she was unable to travel by airplane), she gave the week to us as a wedding present. We couldn't have been more pleased with our honeymoon:
As we drove from the airport to Villa Azomalli, our honeymoon palace, I was stunned by Huatulco's lush Sierra Madres' jungle greenery and the serene Pacific blue beaches. The house itself, sat high up on a perch, surrounded by both. The air was hot, heavy and fragrantly thick.
Upon our arrival at the Villa, we became acquainted with our cook, Aracelli, and with our surroundings. Aracelli gave us a grand tour of the villa. She had supplied our room with a cooling bottle of champagne. Freshly plucked rose petals curved in a heart shape on our white bread spread. The pool lay invitingly right outside our sliding glass door. Within minutes, we found ourselves baking in the sun, poolside with fresh margaritas in hand and home made chips with salsa and guacamole. I had never had any better.
That night, after a dinner of steak fajitas and vegetables, we took a walk. Away from the lights of the house, millions of stars created a bright net above our heads. We stood in silence and total awe.
Huatulco is just beginning to be developed for tourism, but as of yet, it is still very secluded and peaceful. We were there off-season, in October 1998, just us lovebirds and endless miles of deserted beaches, mostly only accessible by boat. We spend several afternoons at these secluded beaches, scuba diving, tanning and drinking cerveza. We also spent an afternoon on ATVs, four-wheeling through the dense jungle around La Cruccita. I highly recommended these tours for people who like speed. The highlight of the week was when our cook, Aracelli, took us to her hometown in the jungles of the Sierra Madres Mountains. We rode for two hours in the back of a truck up into the mountains, where Aracelli's mother and brothers and sisters live in a town called Benito Juarez. They cooked lunch for us and then took us hiking all afternoon far into the jungle. I don't think that everyone can count on a jungle tour, but that act is indicative of the hospitality we received at the Villa. Aracelli's kindness and professionalism cannot be overstated.
Needless to say, we are hoping to go back soon and have been spreading the good word about Huatulco and the Casa de Tony Palos.

Jesse and Steve Koester 

I just returned from the Villa where my husband, Paul, and I spent our honeymoon. What a beautiful place. Not only was the villa better than I expected, the Huatulco area was filled with wonderful people and fun activities. Paul and I are telling everyone we possibly can about the amazing foods we ate, prepared by Aracelli. My gosh, she can cook better than anyone I know. I hope that we will be able to return next year to celebrate all over again.

Thank you Tony for having such a beautiful villa. Thank you Don Jose for your assistance in the home, and Thank you Celli - you made our honeymoon perfect, from the food we ate, to the adventures you set-up for us. It was a week I will never forget.

Holly Charbonnier  Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts  October 22, 2002

What a great place in a great spot! Pretty cool to be hooking sailfish within SIGHT of the CASA! Araceli proved to be everything we read in previous comments - warm, attentive, superb cook, funny...The villa is easy to visit but hard to leave-and we do so reluctantly. Thanks for everything.

Doug and Jackie O., Orlando, Fl.   5-11-02

Everything has certainly lived up to our expectations. I doubt if we could have found a more beautiful or peaceful place to enjoy our honeymoon. Araceli was wonderful as our cook. We will be sure to recommend Villa Azomalli to all our friends, and hope to return soon. Special thanks to Rick Ristau for getting us here and the gift of dinner.

Jim and Agnes D., Mount Prospect, Il.  4-27-02

Tony, your generosity and kindness are much appreciated, We will spread the word to many far and wide of this lovely villa and locale. Huatulco is certainly the " paraiso de la futura ". And a special note of gratitude to Araceli and your great staff. They are truly a joy. She has been quite wonderful catering to our every wish and anticipating our every need. We love this Lady! The bureau of tourism has also shown us a marvelous time. Thanks so much for everything! Come to Seattle and our casa will be your casa.

Donna and Doug F., Seattle, Wa.  5-11-02

I don't want to leave! This place and it's people captivate you! The surroundings are wonderful. The food much too good for and old man like me who should be on a diet...muchas gracias Araceli! Our memories of you and the villa will last a lifetime.

Bob E., Prospect Heights, Il.  April 13,02

This is as close to heaven as anyone would hope to get. Araceli is the best. Her cooking is wonderful. I will miss all of you.

Dot E., Prospect Heights, Il.  April 13, 02

Villa Azomalli has been a wonderful spring break for our family. Quiet beautiful-it will be difficult to go back to the hussle bussle of Chicago. We heard it snowed two inches while we were on vacation---hurray!! The beaches of Huatulco were fantastic. We especially enjoyed the tour through the nine bays. The only thing better than the beauty of Huatulco was the hospitality of Chelli, Gladys, and Don Jose. Chelli's cooking will be remembered for a long time. Farewell to Villa Azomalli. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

Bill and Eilleen R., Katie, Mary Theresa, Claire and Anne F., Park Ridge, Il.
3-22-02 through 3-29-02...

What a very special place to relax and call home for a week. Five of us here today went deep sea fishing. Have already gone shopping in town, atv trails were a lot of fun. Watched the daily progress on the new houses being built around us-their all so beautiful-wish they were ours. Relaxed, read books and ate great food. Araceli is a sweet heart and great chef. We thank you all for a wonderful vacation and break from the daily grind. We can all go back with clean heads and minds to face another year---till our next vacation. Beautiful Huatulco, we shall never forget it and hopefully return soon. Thanks for much,

Jim and Danville M., Debbie R., Lillian B., and Marilyn S., Prospect Heights, Il., Antioch, Il., Kenosha, Wi., and Barrington, Il.   3-9-02 through 3-16-02....

Thank you for a special " peaceful week ". We very much enjoyed the slow pace and tranquility. Celli your cooking was awesome and thanks for taking care of our every need. Don Jose for looking out for us also. We hope to come back! Thanks again.

Dick and Marcy T., Emington, Il.

With a 'chef' like Chelli how can you go wrong!! Keep smiling Don Jose-this place is beautiful!! Thanks for the fun, sun, and " I and I". What a joy to see the Sol truck. We thought we were pretty special. Hope to see you again. Chelli if you're ever in Illinois---look us up. " Gringo loco ."

Ron and Sheri C., Dwight, Il. 3-9-02

It will be hard to go back to our 'real' lives. I could continue here in our 'pretend' life. This is a wonderful villa. The name certainly fits! I have never been quite so tranquil! Chelli, our chef, is too good. What wonderful food! We enjoyed the area of Huatulco and hope to visit again. Thank you!

Dennis and Marlene T., Dwight, Il. 3-9-02

Chelli please come home with us. You have truly spoiled us. The villa, Don Jose, and Chelli are very special. We had a fantastic time with special friends. Thanks.

Paul and Gerry C., Dwight, Il.

It's also our fourth year here at Villa Azomalli - that says a lot in itself. We obviously love visiting here in Huatulco. Aracelli is the best cook in Mexico and Don Jose is wonderful. We hope the area will continue to grow at a reasonable pace and we will be able to to enjoy it for many years. Health and happiness to all here in Huatulco. May we cross paths soon.

Sally and Richard S., Joilet, Il.

It was short but sweet! Hope we can enjoy this lovely villa once again, Muchas gracias to Aracelli and Don Jose who spoiled us with their smiles and kindness.


Viva Mexico!! Beautiful place, but the people are even more beautiful--stay well. Say your prayers.

R. and M. Baskerville.  2-7-02

Great place. Great views. Great people-hope to come again.

Frank and Bea P., University Beach, Florida.

Thank you...for the opportunity to share this lovely villa at the "doorstep to tranquility."  Marjorie and I loved the fine hospitality of Aracelli and Don Jose, who spoiled us with wonderful meals and delightful stories of local happiness. Be sure to watch the morning dance of the sea creatures each morning, and the spectacular sunsets each evening. These are sights unlike you will see in other locations. Local neighbors are warm people who are lucky to call this area their home and are happy to share great restaurants and other spots. Most of all relax and enjoy your companions for this is an experience you will not soon forget...along with the cheerfulness of Aracelli.

Jim and Marjorie P.  Oak Brook, Il.  1-19-02 through 1-26-02

Had a wonderful week at a beautiful villa, terrific staff and wonderful food, sunsets, and beaches. Thank you Araceli and Don Jose for making us feel welcome and and seeing to our every need. What a luxury to you take care of us so well. We are spoiled for any other vacation.

Janice and Carlos Galarza.  Jan. 12-19,02

Beautiful villa, fantastic meals prepared by Aracelli. Couldn't have enjoyed too many more beautiful days and nights. Hope we return again and share the hospitality with our sons- muy bueno!!! Muchas gracias for all.

Becky and Lou Columbaro   Jan. 12-19, 02

This has been an extraordinary holiday for our family. Araceli has gone out of her way to make us feel welcome and at home. Her fabulous cuisine has made each meal special. Jose and Gladys have kept our crew organized--and mother nature has given us gorgeous weather and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Tony was right and extraordinary holiday indeed!!! Muchas gracias from Toronto.

Robins and Sharpe families    Jan. 4, 02

Feliz Ano Nuevo y tambien a la Villa Azomalli que hace que te la pases muy bien en Huatulco pero prncipalmente Araceli y el Senor Jose que son los que se encargan de todo. Pues no les hace falta nada. Muy bien y me gustaria regresar de nuevo a quedarme en Villa Azomalli. Asi que espero que me risivan de nuevo.

La famiia Rios Barreto ( Mexico )  Dec. 29.

Our family spent thanksgiving here in beautiful Huatulco. Villa Azomalli has been a paradise!! Chelli and Jose enriched our visit immensely ( whose cooking now that I must get back to the real world). Celli's help in all aspects was truly a gift, the accommodations grande, muchos cervesas, and vino! Hope to return someday! What a special place to spend the holiday with the most important people in our lives.

Bob and Lois P.    Morris, Il.  Nov. 24, 01

My wife and I had a wonderful time here, enriched by 1) being with our kids and grandkids, 2) enjoying the beautiful , serene surroundings. We thank the Lord for the wonderful hospitable Mexican people. Don Jose and Aracelli especially. May the grace of God shine upon this beautiful nation.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wisdan
First Baptist Church
Katy, Tx. August 8, 2001

We had a wonderful stay at Villa Azomalli. The view is fabulous -what a great way to see God's creation. Our two weeks here in Huatulco flew by. I loved having a stress free environment. No cell phones, no tv or movies, a lot of sleep, swimming, and good food. Thanks to Don Jose and Aracelli for their hospitality. My family had a wonderful vacation. 

Scott and Carla Robinson.  Dallas, Texas. August 8, 2001

Muchas Grasias! We thoroughly enjoyed being in this beautiful home and liked very much the good food. You are a fine host. Best wishes-Vaya con Dios.

Bill and Pat Robinson.  August 6,2001

Muchas Gracias por un lindo tiempo. Our whole group enjoyed the view, tours, and especially the hospitality of Aracelli and Don Jose. We look forward to visiting Villa Azomalli next year!

Sincerely the Media and DeLeon Families.  June 17-June 23,2001

Thank you for week of relaxing memories and great meals. The breeze is only surpassed by the view.! Aracelli is the best cook and a very pleasant person. Don Jose is most accommodating. What a wonderful place to visit and a hard place to leave. Thank you!

Jose, Geiu, Bryan and Kevin Deleon . June 16-June 22, 2001. Chicago, Il.

Muy Tranquillo Aqui! One of the best cooks in Mexico - Aracelli is I think. Tony was right about wanting to come back. Thanks, To you.

Peter Gruansky, Ventura California. June 6-June 14, 2001

Thank you Aracelli and Don Jose for making our stay a relaxing break from hectic lives and planning four our upcoming wedding. Aracelli's cooking was so excellent that we didn't even go out to eat once! Why leave? We can only hope our honeymoon is as relaxing.

Jenny Swarsky.  May 29

Living hectic times the financial sector, we never thought we could find at true place of relaxation. Finally, we listened to Tony and came to Huatulco to take our long awaited God! We were awe-struck as soon as we landed....the beauty, the tranquility, the magic...what better way of making this place a perfect place than to have wonderful people at our sides that soon became GREAT FRIENDS : Aracelli, Don Jose and Captain Andres. Aracelli is the most wonderful woman I have ever met, she makes me feel like a little ant. This woman made sure that every day was magical...keeping up with Ed's picky appetite ...and my urge to taste everything traditional. I admire her greatly and am glad that I have found a friend...Tony you are lucky. Next year we are coming back. P.S. How can we forget our Captain, " Andres". Too bad our two sail fish got away...but the mahi-mahi , tuna, and dorado were a great catch. We will definitely go almost every day next year. Once again , thank you very much!!! See you next year.

Alma and Ed Delatore, Chicago, Il. 5-19-2001

Vacation hits the spot. After months and years of hard work my wife and I came to Huatulco looking to have some hard fun, rest and to relax. Thanks to Aracelli and Don Jose and staff. You made our stay wonderful. God bless you all. I'll be back some day with our kids also!!!

Eric Jaquith. April ,2001

It's a wonderful time here and we are loving it even more than last. We like Hawaii but the peace and privacy here, plus the wonderful meals (gracias Aracelli ) ! , make this just as wonderful as the islands. We are leaving rested, refreshed, and blessed and ready to go back.

Phil and Judy Jaquito..April ,2001

What a wonderful relaxing vacation for two stressed out Chicagoans. This place is heaven and Aracelli and Don Jose are the angels! Beautiful scenery, warm tropical sun, moon, and stars at night. Thanks for this wonderful week. A nice home away from home.

Sylvia Doruff,  March 2001

Again we both had a great time-the accommodations were wonderful. Both Aracelli and Don Jose did an excellent job. But most of all the people we were with are very dear to us-we thank them for being our friends.

Bo and Bob Stephen.  February, 2001

A perfect way to start a new year in this magical place. The views are unspoiled spreads with soft breezes at night and clear blue skies during the day. Aracelli's food is unquestionably the finest in southern Mexico and Don Jose's watchful eye always being attentive. Many treats or " excellent adventures during the day...deep sea fishing, horse back riding, a must ATV's...a lot of fun , and the people are very gracious.

Erin R.  1-20-2001

How can we express the wonder of this place with mere words. It must be seen to be believed. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then this location must be beheld.

David A.   River Forest , Il. 1-20-2001

P.S. Campo de golf-take a caddy for local knowledge. The whole world of Huatulco knows how to get to " la casa de Tony Palos ". Use it.

The best vacation of my life so far...muchas gracias.

Teresa S.  Chicago,Il.

There is nothing I can say that has already not been said. I look forward to the next time.

D. Hernadez.   Chicago, Il. June 1,2001

This lived up to all the raves we heard from Christine, Mike, Paul and Deanne. Looovellly time.

Justine    January , 2001

Another fine stay at Aracelli's place. Sorry Tony, it's true. She rules. Thank you for another relaxing vacation.

Christine. Chicago, Il. January 2001

Simple life, not knowing what time or day it is. Wake when my eyes open, sleep when they close. Eat when I'm hungry. Is it possible to live this way at home? At all? Nope. I look forward to the next time. Hasta la proximo..

Paul Friedman.  January, 2001

Christmas on the beach. What a blast. we need to do this again next year.

David V.  12-30-2000

In June of 2000 in Chicago, David and I began discussing the possibility of spending Christmas away from the cold and snow. Our dear friends , Martha and Craig, Rick and Corrine, and Arthur and Renee agreed that it could be fun and that the idea merit exploration. At school one night I mentioned the idea to Pilar, one of my classmates in grad school. Without a moment's hesitation she suggested Tony's Villa Azomalli in Huatulco. The rest as the phrase goes is history...Villa Azomalli is indeed a slice of heaven on earth. It's so beautiful here, and it has lived up to and exceeded our expectations. Pleasant surprises such as secluded beaches ( with all the wonderful, colorful birds ) have become part of our vacation world. Aracelli's cooking skills and help in planning activities were enjoyed and appreciated by all. Don Jose's attention to the grounds is so important to the overall beauty we have partaken in daily. We hate to leave-but hope to return soon. Thank you David for the best Christmas present ever.

Sheryl Scott

What a wonderful lace to celebrate Christmas with friends and to bring the year to a close. We had a fabulous week in paradise and look forward to returning to this beautiful country. Thank you for all your care Aracelli and Don Jose.

Martha and Craig.  Chicago, Il.  12-30-2000

This was an absolutely fabulous week with great friends, a great cook (Aracelli ) and great weather! Caught yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi, rode ATV's through the bays, and snorkeled seeing eels, porcupine fish...spotted rays and turtles! We'll be back .

Rick and Corrine.  Chicago, Il. 12-29-2000

This is my second visit to Villa Azomalli in one year. I can not seem to stay away.! The villa itself is wonderful, of course, but Aracelli makes it paradise! Her cooking is so amazing and she goes way above and beyond the call of duty. She never seems to tire of making our vacation perfect. Thank you too, Don Jose, and Gladys for making us feel so comfortable and welcome. I don't want to go home.

Jennifer H.   Chicago, Il.  12-3-2000

This was our first time here at the villa and our week went by too fast. Aracelli made each meal a dining experience that we shall always remember - food is a hobby of ours and Aracelli made our visit most enjoyable. We will look forward to returning . We had a great group ( 7 people from Chicago through Lake Shore Athletic Club) . The villa, our fishing boat trip, and our mountain trek was fantastic.

Bernie and Britta Miller,  Chicago, Il.  12-3-2000

Once again an experience that will last a lifetime. The scenery is heavenly. the food was spectacular, and the service superb. The kindness of Aracelli and Don Jose makes this place a palace. Aracelli goes above and beyond the call of duty and gives me the confidence and comfort to bring groups to Villa recommend it to everybody. Peace and blessings.

Sergio Rojas    12-3-2000

A wonderful week that went by quickly. The house and staff - Aracelli and Don Jose , and Gladys took wonderful care of us. The boat trip, fishing, and snorkeling were great. I look forward to coming back.

Gloria.  Chicago, Il. 12-3-2000

Magical environment along with good company and EXCELLENT cuisine made this a perfect way to celebrate any birthday. Aracelli, Gladys, and Don Jose were warm and welcoming. This is indeed a wonderful place!

Marla E.   12-3-2000 USA

Aracelli, Gladys, Karina, and Don Jose were wonderful. The villa 's open spaces and breezes are a peaceful layout-beyond expectations.

Rich Nechswander,  Chicago, Il. 12-3-2000

A week was too short in this paradise. Aracelli's cooking is terrific! Don Jose kept us secure and Glady's kept us orderly. Thank you, all three. We have barely scratched the surface of his magical place. We will be back!

Leah and Stephen Dorset,  Vermont. USA. November, 2000. 

Been a lot of places! But this is on the top of the the list! We'll always remember. What a good place.

Jack and Aleja Hubbad.  Chesterfield, New Hampshire. 11-11-2000

It was the best week! Aracelli, Glady's and Don Jose took good care of us and we hate to go home. Great house, great weather, and good company combined for a perfect vacation.Thank you!

Larry and Pat C.  Vermont USA 11-11-2000

Had just the best time!! Big surf at Bocana Copalita. Aracelli is the best as is Don Jose and Gladys. Thanks for making these gringos so welcome! What a lovely country.

Carla and Barbara Comollo.  Vermont 

Had a great time! Aracelli is a great cook, and enjoyed all her food. The view is spectacular. Hope to be back soon.

Sonny and Maryln B.  Houston, Tx. 6-12-2000

Villa Azomalli was 100% more breathtaking than portrays! I came here with all the stress of work and life in general...I am leaving so relaxed and energized, ready to face it all!! I did nothing but eat, sun, and sleep. How great is that.

Collette M.  Chicago, Il.

We had a most wonderful experience @ Villa Azomalli. Aracelli and Don Jose are great attentive hosts. They were very concerned with our comfort! The area was breath taking views. We hope to one day return. Thank you.

Marcello G.  Chicago, Il. May 7, 2000. 

Aracelli is the best-she alone made the trip here so lovely. Great views.

Beth and Dick Floors.  Boston, Ma. 3-18-2000

We lived like Kings! Beautiful weather, empty golf courses,- Volkswagen bugs. Go to Playa Entrega for a Mexican experience. Sangrias at Sabor de Oaxaca.

Amy E.  Portland, Me. 

What a wonderful vacation for our family! Aracelli is the best! Enjoy.

Lucy and Victor.  Boston, Ma. 7-18-2000

As I write my section of praise and thanks, I sit looking at the ocean with a Corona. As a mother of two boys am glad for no phone ringing and no t.v. this week. Our family of four havebonded beyond belief this week. Like the rest of the people who have written in this book-this has been heaven. Thanks to Aracelli and Don Jose. Aracelli, thank you for constantly picking up after the boys. We will never forget Huatulco! Joshua, 11 years old, has found a new love, " flan ".

Elizabeth Beeter,  Lake Villa, Il. 3-18-2000.

Thank you Don Jose for scrubbing my shoes.

Josh B. 3-18-2000

Great time! Don Jose and everyone.


Wonderful time! Sign me up for next year.


When talking about Villa Azomalli you have to first mention Aracelli-she is a wonderful, fun, funny host! Her cooking is delicious-something to look forward to every morning. The views are breathtaking. Waking up each morning to the color water of the Pacific in front and the beautiful Sierra Madre in back. The pool is refreshing and everyone, Don Jose, Aracelli, Rebecca made us feel very comfortable. Aracelli took us to a secluded beach we'll never forget. Fun, fun, fun, and perfect weather.

Avery and Novio. 2-6-2000

Good shopping in Santa Cruz. On every vacation there are good things and bad things. I can honestly say this vacation has been one of the best. Just he right among of excitement and relaxation. We came as a group and everyone is having a lof of fun. This is something I would do again. Aracelli is the best cook and Don Jose is also great.

me   1-15-2000. Chicago, Il.

P.S   The 3 Stooges said it best, " ...if this is the place of the place, I reckon this must be the place. "

First lunar eclipse: We arrived Jan. 15, 2000. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I knew the house would be nice but I never knew anyone that had been to Huatulco. I felt sure I was that girl on the new Corona commercial when they open a few,  and are just enjoying life drinking, and enjoying the beautiful beach. All the stress I had felt from my bartender job at ________________ was gone by the second day, I came with  family members and three friends and I felt so good. My husband thanked me for finding this place and I thanked Tony Palos for telling me about Huatulco. I will have this place booked for you as much as I can , but the second week in January is mine. I will be here next year at the same time for the rest of my life. Thanks again.

Rite L.   North Side, Chicago, Il. 

P.S. Thank you Aracelli and Don Jose. Good people.

Gracious Aracelli and Don Jose! Our first week of the new year is one we will always remember. The famous " voice of the Cubs and the Chicago Fire."

Paul Freidman.  1-1-2000.

Muchas gracias Aracelli and Don Jose! Espero volver a verlos pronto.

Christina, Miguelito, Pablo, Clara, Diana, and Cristobel. 1-8-2000.

We can't stop raving about our stay at Villa Azomalli. We arrived in mass with our entire extended family ( 10 kids and 11 adults ), although not everyone stayed at the villa-it was definitely the the focal point for gathering-eating and drinking. Aracelli was extraordinary. She is the great dame of Huatulco. We appreciate all her support, patience, and grace. Our meals were outstanding-better than any restaurant. We so appreciate her accommodating all the various food preferences of our children and others. Don Jose was always there- making sure that everything was just right. We so appreciate it too. We went everywhere from surfing, fishing, rafting, beaching, shopping and ice cream treats. One last word. Andres was the luckiest fisherman. Two excursions that yielded  8 tuna ( the first time ), and one nine foot, 86 lb. sailfish ( the second time ). He is charming and delightful. Don't miss out! We will return, if not in mass, certainly in smaller groups. You all made a special family gathering (our parents 50th anniversary celebration ) even more memorable. Thank you again for our wonderful journey to Huatulco.

Mina and Steve S., Susan and Steve S. , Billy S., Pete S., Johny S., Benjamin S., and Lily S.   Glencoe, Il.  Dec. 29,1999.

I am totally speechless!! Our stay at Villa Azomalli was wonderful. The staff was great-not just in helping us be comfortable but really getting o know us. This is our second time to Huatulco, but it is always a different experience each time.

Maria and Claudio.   Nov. 14 , 1999.

Words can not describe my stay here at Villa Azomalli. The staff is wonderful. I have never been this spoiled! I'll miss everything and everyone about Huatuclo.

Lucy P.   11-14-1999.

I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Huatulco and the great service at Villa Azomalli. I feel very much at home with the warm staff, and great food. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Ira A.   Chicago.

This place is great. What else  can we say that has not already been said? Aracelli is an awesome cook and everyone loves Don Jose. Great place to honeymoon and go visiting on Dis de los Muertos! Can't wait to come back.

Sharon and Tim Jarosz,   Chicago, Il.  10-31-99.

Had great time and Aracelli is number one . A wonderful and relaxing vacation. Our week here was our honeymoon , and we could not have found a better place with the aviance of love , peace, and tranquility. We hope to celebrate our wedding anniversary here. We scoped the area and once again Aracelli is number one. Her warmth and friendliness, along with Don Jose only added to the pleasure. Thank you for a wonderful week.

Mr.and Mrs. Norm D.   Chicago, Il.  10-17-99.

If....You have been very, very good in life ...when you will go to a place that looks much like this....

Randy and Jeff ( 2 bad boys) 10-1-99.

Una  estralla de suerte es este paradiso. A lucky star guided us here to Paradise. As we said again and again, " everything her is perfect." The view from the stairs of the pool is absolutely perfect. La comida de Aracelli era magnifico. Thank you for all the Oaxaca food! We felt very taken care of by Aracelli and Don Jose. Espressos que podemos regresar en el futuro. Hasta ese dia,

Sharon y Michael de Milwaukee, Wisconsin. July 18,1999.

What a wonderful honeymoon in Huatulco. It is difficult to put in writing the beauty of this house. The golden hearts of Aracelli and Don Jose and the pleasure to be found in every day spent in Huatulco. Having stayed in many staffed villas in different parts of the world, the hospitality and warmth to be found here is second to none. We suggest the fishing excursions ( I've been out five times and caught everything! Find Andres, Captain of the Cava II in Santa Cruz. He is a perfectionist). The four-wheel tour through the jungle ; the horse back riding; and the snorkeling are breathtaking. Snorkeling surrounded by dolphins, getting a glimpse of a giant manta ray ( about 30 feet by 36 ) was truly unbelievable-thanks Andres. Ask Aracelli for anything. She can arrange it. Thanks Aracelli and Don Jose for making these a wonderful three weeks. See you in November for the marlin tournament.

Grethen and Matt.   June 14,1999.

It's not often that one gets invited to join there kids on their honeymoon! Married two whole weeks we joined them a few weeks into their trip. Our first trip to Mexico was a memorable because of the fine weather, beautiful sun-rises, excellent meals, and the camaraderie are all here. We shopped in " La Crucesita." We rode horses and rode 4-wheelers. We snorkeled with Andres and Aracelli. Andres caught fish in his bare hands-oh, for a camera. Especially for a wide angle view of the pool and the ocean. This house has every amenity and it is 100% holiday. We could definitely come back. I could stay longer. Will hope to come again!

Mary Jean and Richard M.    June21-29.1999.

This vacation has been out of a fairy tale. The characters in my vacation fairy tale are beyond spectacular. First, I must say " mis amigos " are the best traveling companions I've ever had., which is always the most important beginning to a vacation. First the villa, our housing, not even a fairy tale comparison, nada. The view es muy exquisito, especially from my balcony. To awaken every morning to a piece of artwork that can never be recreated by any human being,  is so pleasant to the eyes. Upon entry to the villa we were greeted by the staff, who soon became our friends as well. Senor Don Jose, Senorita Aracelli and Becky are the best! Best cook ( will discuss later ), best caretaker and best hostess. We were very well provided with everything. So much so that we wanted to spend all our time at the villa. We decided we will to the tour thing next time. Senorita Aracelli is " poqiuto " english but " grand" with mucho knowledge and sincerity. Don Jose kept everything beautiful. They gave us an experience we will never forget. I am full of happiness and mucho relaxed. Well I have to return to the states to continue my chaotic life style. God Bless Villa Azomalli and please bless me again next year so that I can be able to return.

A. Taylor    Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   June 4, 1999.

Villa Azomalli was awesome! From beginning to end there was much fun, much food, and most of all much friendship. There are few words that can describe the serene feeling of awakening up and going to the sounds of the Mexican Pacific Ocean. I hope to never forget and to return soon. Thank you Tony, Aracelli, ( excellent hostess) and Don Jose. Until we meet good to yourself and those you love.

Olesha G.    Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   May 29-June 5, 1999.

First what a blessing " Villa Azomalli " was for me. I needed a relaxing get away. I believe I have found it. From the great weather, view, and fabulous food I was at home and made to feel safe and well cared for. May God continue to bless the villa, and the wonderful staff. Finally thanks to my travel companions who kept me laughing at myself and them for seven days.

May 29-June 5, 1999.

I have always wanted to go to Mexico. Now I can say I have visited one of the most beautiful places on earth. The view spectacular. The people were quite friendly and Aracelli and Don Jose  made me feel so welcome!! Tony, you told me that I'd like it but, never would I, could I imagine my new home away from home. Thank you so much for insisting that I visit. You have a jewel of a staff and a gem in Aracelli. May God continue to bless " Villa Azomalli ". Thank you so much!-I'll be back...

Pam Johnson.   Chicago, Il.  May 29,1999.

Villa Azomalli surpassed our expectations and we wish we could spend another week in this paradise! Aracelli made our vacation perfect. So many wonderful meals and just enough margaritas to keep us very happy. Thank you for the peaceful week..

Aurelia M.   May 20, 1999.

Tony you have built a beautiful place of solitude, peace and enjoyment. We will miss it...hopefully not for too long.

Felecity K.. 10-4-99.

We have all enjoyed this great place. It will be missed...the people, place and food!

Jason s. 10-4-99.

The breeze on my face was almost as beautiful as the view. We loved it.

Renee F.   April 10, 1999.

All we had to do was relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the mountains. The villa is very nice. Aracelli and Don Jose were so very helpful and patient. The food and snacks here are absolutely marvelous. This is truly a wonderfully quiet and relaxing location. Great weather for our days here. Temperature in the upper 80's , no rain, some haze. The trips and adventures to enjoy...the region, the culture, and the people were most interesting and enjoyable. However, the best place to was at the villa Azomalli by the pool with " un libro and ulna crevasse.: Tony is lucky to have such nice employees as Aracelli and Don Jose.

Dale and Mary Ellen P.   Rochester, Mn.

Being in Huatulco is truly paradise. When you wake up each morning to the sounds of birds and the beautiful sights of colorful butterflies, you realize that this is an incredible experience to treasure forever. We enjoyed ourselves and we are definitely planning on returning. A couple of things to do that are great fun include the bay tours, where you visit 7 of the 9 bays ( and go snorkeling !), and the visit to the rainfalls of Copalita with Dr. Baragan. Be careful this is not a hike for the faint of heart. It's dangerous, steep climbing , but once you get there-it's a 2 1/2 hours up to the doctor's ranch and another 20-30 minutes to the first cascading rainfalls. The waters are spectacular. For shopping go to " La Crucecita " and " Santa Cruz." We took Aracelli with us a couple of times because she could tell us if the prices were too high, which of course, most were). Speaking of Aracelli, you will find her to be very delightful. Her guacamole is sooooo delicious. She is really a great cook and wonderful host. Don Jose is also very nice and you will find him to be always cheerful and funny. Well today is our last day. Back home for sure it's snowing or raining or both, but we will treasure our time here! Have fun...time is short, go and explore.

Eveyln and Pat Lake.    Il.

Viva Mexico ! It was a week of reckless abandon. Nothing but smiles and sunshine. The hosts Aracelli and Don Jose were wonderful. The life here is much different than Chicago and Aracelli and Don Jose smoothed us into it, and were constantly there with a cold margarita or guacamole and chips. No flaws. No worries. Everything was taken care of  for us. All we had to do was relax and enjoy Huatulco. The house itself was very conducive to partying and enjoying the climate and other natural aspects. I look forward to coming back within the year.

Jason N.  El gringo de Chicago. March 16, 1999.

There is only one word to describe our stay here: PERFECT. The house is beautiful and the place is magnificent. We loved the peace and tranquility and the scenic views from the house. Most importantly the hospitality of Aracelli and her staff was outstanding! She is a great cook and had lots of patience with all of us...

Bob and Edith Kostas,   New York.. Jan. 2, 1999.

We couldn't have had a better week! Aracelli does a great job for you and is a wonderful cook! She helped us with everything we needed and then some . We were thinking about not leaving, ever, but we'll come back. Keep going people...great service, a great product, and we'll send many more friends and relatives to this great escape.

Daniel and Betsy Goldberg.   12-26-98

This past week has been a glimpse into what heaven must be like. The house is beautiful with so many details such as the tile work, pottery, flowers, and views of the ocean and the mountains. The weather is perfect--every day. But most important was the wonderful hospitality of Aracelli who showed patience with us, while making some of the most wonderful food-all served beautifully and with magnificent taste. We really appreciated how peaceful it is here. It's so far surpasses any hotel, the comparison is absurd. Hasta muy pronto!

Mike and Holly, Chicago, Il.  Dec. 19, 1999.

To Tony- you've found a perfect place with a perfect view, a perfect staff, and an ambiance we'll never forget. The only problem is that if I tell the whole world about it, there may not be any room to stay another time. If we don't tell the world about it, we will be keeping a delightful secret unfairly. What to do? We'll shout it out from the rooftops and let everyone know they can find a piece of paradise in Huatulco. But please find a place for us when we return.

Lucy and Ed H . Chicago, Il.   Nov. 20, 1998

From hyper fast paced-neorosis ridden-pressure cooker here. Breathe....welcome the brain- death, the return to the womb and nurturing so such wonderful beautiful household . Breathe...pick a day to go out and experience the nightlife. Spend the rest of your evenings enjoying the generosity and glory of nature. The household-the culture and the friends- why spend pesos when nature and people are free. What a fabulous time. Thanks to all who made this happen. Yummy food.

Pam and Greg. Chicago, Il.  10-30-98

P.S. Back to Chicago......Noooooooooooo!

We thank all our guests for their comments and hope to see them again soon! 

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